The Only Recognized Aeronautical Institute by Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) & Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) in the country.


Chief Instructor’s Message


Dear young stars at home & abroad, I, as Chief Instructor of AIB would like to welcome you in this aviation world where uncountable potentialities are waiting for you; I can give you the guarantees that once you be a good AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) All the wants will be fulfilled for you, your family, […]

Principal’s Message


An airplane is the fastest mode of transportation. It is a very complex machine. Its maintenance activities require a very high standard of technical knowledge and skill. The airlines that had been monopolized by government only for quarter of a century, now-a-days it has opened up for private sectors. As a result several private airlines […]

Chairman’s Message


Dear prospective students, As chairperson of the Institute, I welcome you to the Aviation community. Congratulation on taking the first step in securing a future which is as challenging as it is rewarding. The AIB has been imparting training to the students for career development in aeronautical engineering since 1999 and we continue to take […]

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