Aeronautical Institute of Bangladesh (AIB)

Chief Instructor’s Message

chiefInstructorDear young stars at home & abroad, I, as Chief Instructor of AIB would like to welcome you in this aviation world where uncountable potentialities are waiting for you; I can give you the guarantees that once you be a good AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) All the wants will be fulfilled for you, your family, like financial need, social status, housing problem, travelling at home & foreign countries etc.

With 40 years background in Aviation sector I am still working in AIB since its day of establishment. From 1999 we are working for its upgrading and development. Every day we are learning that there is no end of learning and development and always there is room for improvement.

If you want to be an AME with best product you are to make grasp the theoretical Knowledge & practical experience. Your job field is open in national and international airlines. But the only root is the AME course from one government affiliated institute like AIB. We are here to prescribe you AIB as your institute. Step in to a right door; step out to an excellent profession & with honor. Best wishes to you.

Md. Abul Khayer
Chief Instructor, Aeronautical Institute of Bangladesh (AIB)

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