Aeronautical Institute of Bangladesh (AIB)

Lab and Workshop in AME?

Computer Lab

Computer-LabInstitute has well designed computer lab with twenty computers with latest configuration. Students are permitted to have email account and social network connection. But late night browsing is prohibited for students.


Electrical Lab
ElectricalLabThis lab is designed for giving basic idea about electricity, its components, its machine and demonstrate the function of all electrical appliances, it’s theory and principle.



Electronics & Digital Lab
ElectricalLab2This lab is designed for giving basic idea of electronics. Its active components, its different circuits, logic function demonstration; demonstration of basic transmitter; simple Rx & super heterodyne Rx, CRT display and other radio navigational aid equipments.


Instrumentation Lab
ComponentsThis lab is designed to give idea and demonstrate to the student about the sensor of different parameters and data transmission and display. It also demonstrates & displays given aircraft instruments its inter face & total managements. This lab is also rich to display gyroscope its function up to automatic flight system of aircraft.


Power plant shop
PowerplantThis shop is designed for giving the basic idea about aircraft power plant system on turbine engine as well as piston engine. In this shop one turbine engine one piston engine one helicopter engine and one auxiliary power unite (APU) are available for training.


General work shop
General-WorkshopThis shop is deigned for basic training of sheet metal job, drilling, riveting, filing and many more. In this shop one group of bench vice, lathe machine, rivet gun, sheet cutter, grinder, power drill etc. are available for training.



Airframe workshop
Airframe-StructureThis shop has some airframe structure & components from which student can get basic idea about aircraft airframe, its construction & system.



Component shop
Component-ShopWe have a rich component shop. This shop contained of many aircraft system components which give a basic idea about aircraft components to the students.



Tools store
ToolsStoreInstitute has a rich tools store. There are different types of aircraft tools here. Student can gate a good idea about aircraft tools from here. They also get basic training about aircraft tools from here practically.