Aeronautical Institute of Bangladesh (AIB)

Who is AME?

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) is a licensed person to ensure that aircraft are airworthy in accordance with local and international aviation standards. Each aircraft is required to be certified for Airworthy before being accepted by the pilot for a take-off. This certification is required to be carried out by an appropriately license AME who has been specifically trained to inspect and evaluate the airworthiness aspect of the aircraft and its system. Thus, an AME is expected to be a dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled professional. In fact, the lives of the passengers and crew onboard an aircraft vests in the hands of an AME.

Skill and professionalism are infused only upon experience and exposure. An AME, therefore, exposes himself/herself to several such aircraft, engines or systems and extends his/her scope of the license to cover various types of aeroplanes. This is the way of increasing his qualification, skills and market demand through which one goes up the ladder of success in this vast field of the Aviation industry.

There goes a saying ´AME´s are not born, they are made. Hence, a student with an average academic background could as well be crafted into a specialized AME if he has within him, the 3D’s i.e dedication, discipline and dynamism. It is here that he/she is nurtured to graduate as a technical doctor for the AIRCRAFT, its engines, electrical, instruments and Radio systems.