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Aircraft Maintenance License (AML): In general expression License means the certificate of competency. Aircraft Maintenance license is a restricted license issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the country by means of taking a standard test or exam which permits the Aircraft Maintenance personnel to exercise certain privileges with respect to maintenance & certification of Aircraft. In a word it’s the approval/authority to carry out the maintenance works on aircraft independently and sign off that maintenance work & aircraft as airworthy for flight. The person who holds this authority or license is called an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME).

L.W.T.R: LWTR is the contract form of License without Type Rating. It’s a basic Aircraft Maintenance License which is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB). The holder of an LWTR on any category doesn’t have certification privileges until undergone a type course on particular aircraft model. There are five categories of license under LWTR and permits the holder to exercise the certification privileges only on the category he/she holds when type rated. From 2013 LWTR will be superseded by SARI Part-66. The categories of LWTR are:

a) Category (A): Airframe – Deals with Aircraft Structure and control surfaces.
b) Category (C): Engine – Cares for Aircraft propulsion and its associate systems.
c) Category (E): Electrical – Concerns with the aircraft electrical systems like power
Generation & distribution system.
d) Category (I): Instrument – Handles the auto flight systems, indication & gauges.
e) Category (R): Radio – Manages the Aircraft Communication & Navigation systems.

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