Aeronautical Institute of Bangladesh (AIB)

Principal’s Message

An airplane is the fastest mode of transportation. It is a very complex machine. Its maintenance activities require a very high standard of technical knowledge and skill. The airlines that had been monopolized by government only for quarter of a century, now-a-days it has opened up for private sectors. As a result several private airlines have come up. But non availability of technical manpower like qualified technicians and engineers has become a barrier to these newborn airlines.

There are many potential students who cherish dream to become Aeronautical professional but fail to do so for want of aeronautical institutes in our country. Only a few who can afford to go to abroad for such training or study and after completion of study hardly they comeback to meet the home demand. In this situation, the demand for private aeronautical institute is growing day by day as there is no such institute in our country.

To this end in view, Aeronautical Institute of Bangladesh (AIB) has been established to fulfill the needs of the new situation. AIB is formed by a group of experienced skilled instructors. So the interested students, you are most welcome to join our Aeronautical Institute of Bangladesh (AIB) as student and we will be happy to fulfill your needs to our best.

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